Books for International Women’s Day

8 March

The Whole Woman

Germaine Greer
Women and War, with a new epilogue Jean Bethke Elshtain
We Don’t Need Another Wave: Dispatches from the Next Generation of Feminists Melody Berger
Staying Alive: Women, Ecology and Development Vandana Shiva
Feminism Is for Everybody: Passionate Politics bell hooks
Sexual/Textual Politics: Feminist Literary Theory Toril Moi
Jewish Feminism and Identity Politics (Race & Class Journal) Jenny Bourne
Anarchism: The Feminist Collection Penny Korneger
No Authority but Oneself: the anarchist feminist philosophy of autonomy and freedom Sharon Presley
Marx and Feminism centrepiece 12 Selma Jones
Towards an Anti-racist Feminism J. Bourne
Feminism and Anarchy Federation Anarchiste Commission des Femmes
The Female Eunuch (P.S.) Germaine Greer
The Beauty Myth Naomi Wolf
By Faith and By Doing – interviews with remarkable women Kinnock & Miller
The Mirror Within, a New Look at Sexuality Anne Dickson
Pin-up Grrrls: Feminism, Sexuality, Popular Culture Maria Elena Buszek
A Vindication of the Rights of Woman Mary Wollstonecraft
Sex Exposed: Sexuality and the Pornography Debate Lynne Segal
Women in Society: Interdisciplinary Essays Cambridge Womens Study Group
Woman’s Estate Juliet Mitchell
Anarchy, Feminism and Radical Men International Hoover Artist
Porn International Hoover Artist
Rape Culture International Hoover Artist
Women Hating Culture International Hoover Artist
Why Women Hate Women too International Hoover Artist
Dangerous Woman: The Graphic Biography of Emma Goldman Sharon Rudahl
The prime of life Simone de Beauvoir


Recently arrived books:!

Persepolis and Persepolis II by Marjane Satrapi !! (Graphic novel)

Fun Home by Alison Bechdel !!

On its way: Vegan Cupcakes take over the World – this book is incredible, delicious sweet cupcake delicacies baked delights are within your grasp! xx


more books!

Here’s a small selection of the other books on the shelves of the Canny Little Library. New books are being donated and loaned to the library all the time, so pop along and check what’s on the shelves!

Catergories – History, Politics, Gender, Anarchism, Info 4 Action, Media, Art, Feminism, DIY, Global Struggles, Cookery, Workers’ Struggles, Migration & Borders, Race & Racism, LGBT/ Queer, Philosophy, Environment, Health, plus more…

Che Guevara, E Reminiscences of the Cuban
Revolutionary War
Chomsky, N Keeping the Rabble in Line
Crimethinc Expect Resistance
Crimethinc Dropping Out: A Revolutionary
Vindication of Refusal, Marginality, and Subculture
Duncan, R The Complete Pacifist
Franken, A Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell
Them: A Fair and Balanced Book of the Right
Gelderloos, P How Nonviolence Protects the
Hadley, J Abortion: Between Freedom and
Harvie, D;
Milburn, K; Trott, B;
Watts, D
Shut Them Down!: The G8,
Gleneagles 2005 and the Movement of Movements
Hutton, W The State We’re In
Klein, N No Logo
Marx, K;
Engels, F
The Communist Manifesto
Moore, M Dude Where’s My Country?
Moore, M Idiot Nation
Newkirk, I Free the Animals: The Story of the Animal Liberation Front
Perlman, F The Reproduction of Daily Life
Randle, M Civil Resistance
Reves, E The Anatomy of Peace
Rothstein, A Peaceful Co-existance
Roy, A War Talk
Russell, B Justice in Wartime
Sardar, Z;
Davies, MW
Why do People Hate America?
Timmerman, KR The Death Lobby: How the West
Armed Iraq
Wells, HG The Common Sense of War and
Peace: World Revolution or War Unending
Bourne, J Towards an Anti-racist Feminism
Buszek, ME Pin-up Grrrls: Feminism,
Sexuality, Popular Culture
des Femmes
Feminism and Anarchy
Elshtain, JB Women and War
Against Censorship; Matrix, C
Tales from the Clit: Female
Experience of Pornography
Greer, G The Whole Woman
Kinnock, G;
Millar, F
By Faith and Daring: Interviews
with Remarkable Women
Kornegger, P Anarchism: The Feminist
Miles, R The Women’s History of the
Moraletat, E Women, The State, and The
Presley, S No Authority But Oneself: The Anarchist Feminist Philosophy of Autonomy and Freedom
Shiva, V Staying Alive: Women,
Ecology, and Development
Wolf, N The Beauty Myth: How Images of Beauty are Used Against Women
Wollstonecraft, M A Vindication of the Rights of
Woman: A Vindication of the Rights of Man
Free Women of Spain: Anarchism
and the Struggle for the Emancipation of Women
Bonanno, AM Armed Joy
Christie, S Granny Made Me and Anarchist:
General Franco, The Angry Brigade and Me
Crimethink Fighting for Our Lives: An Anarchist Primer
Jun, JN;
Wahl, S (ed.)
New Perspectives on Anarchism
Marshall, P Demanding the Impossible: A
History of Anarchism
Sheppard, BA Anarchism vs Primitivism
Sola, TA Anarchist International Action
Against Francoism from Genoa 1949 to the First of May Group
Direct Action #48
Butler, CT;  

McHenry, K

Food Not Bombs
Lee, K Vegetarian
Leneman, L Vegan Cooking for One: Over 150  

Simple and Appetizing Meals

Majzlik, L A Vegan Taste of North America
McCartney, L Home Cooking
Morgenmuffel, I;Home Brew, M Another Dinner is Possible: MoreThan Just a Vegan Cookbook
Murrin, O; 101 Veggie Dishes: Tried and Tested Recipes

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